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Jon S.

Denver, CO

I'm convinced this is the BEST way to deal with dog poop.  I've even forgotten to take it out of my car after days in the hot sun and still - no poo smell !

Kristine W.

Bellingham, WA

I got the green one.  The fabric looks great and is durable.  The inside of the bag is also neat.  The sack is a perfect add on to my dog hiking gear, and it works just like it says

Ann W.

Portland, OR

Finally a smell proof dog poop bag that actually works!  I've bought several of the other poop carrier bags but none of them block the smell like this one.

Kevin M.

San Francisco, CA

I don't have a dog, but figured this would work for other things as well.  Sure enough! I never go camping without it.  It's also great to keep dirty ski socks from stinking up your car

Tyler H.

San Diego, CA

I bought Pack It Out for my kid's dirty diapers.  Wow it's made driving a baby around so much easier

Allison F.

Washington D.C.

I bought the bag as a present.  The quality looked good and it arrived with free shipping.  My daughter in law said it works and the size suited her well.


Denver, CO

No surprises, they work just like described.  I bought 2, one for the dog waste and the second for everything else. 

Hadi I.

Austin, TX

Happy to see that this was a reusable product.  It definitely works and I haven't been able to smell anything through it. Cleaning it out was very easy.

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