Your little loved ones are the cutest, most adorable things in the world. But let's face it, they're not always the best smelling, are they? 

Whether it is your baby’s dirty diaper stinking up the car or your dog's poop making the last miles of the hike unbearable, the PACK IT OUT sack takes care of all your smelly problems!

PACK IT OUT sack - the first reusable smell proof bag by Wag & Wander

Wag bag, dog poop bag holder, camping trash, diaper wet bag

Great for hiking and camping with dogs!

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The inner lining of the bag is an odor blocking layer that traps bag smells and even contains liquids making the bag smell proofleak proof.  These properties make for a great dog waste carrier!  The bag can be attached to a leash, a backpack and many other dog accessories.  


  • Smell proof

  • Water proof

  • Light weight

  • Reusable

  • Durable

  • Adjustable volume


  • WAG bag

  • Dirty diapers

  • Dog poop

  • Dog poop bag holder with leash attachment

  • Trash bag for hiking or camping

  • Automobile garbage bag

  • Used first aid equipment

  • Feminine care products

A great addition to your dog hiking gear and camping accessories!


  • H 11" / 280mm W 8​.9" / 225mm

  • Weight 2.8oz / 80gr

  • Capacity 72 fl.oz/ 2.1L

  • 3 colors; Charcoal Black, Cobalt Blue and Lime Green

  • Extra strap on bottom


  • Press out most of the air before Rolling and Clipping - the odor proof layer was not designed to hold pressure

  • Do not put sharp objects in the bag - they could poke holes through the smell proof layer

  • Use the bottom strap - attach a hook, tie or carabiner to keep the bag still when walking


There is not a lot to it!
  • Rinse with soap and warm water

  • Do not use abrasive cleaning tools  

  • Do not use very hot or boiling water,

  • Do not use bleach or alcohols

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