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Wag & Wander was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2019 by two old friends from college with the goal of solving the dog waste issue along hiking trails.  We developed the PACK IT OUT sack as our first product!  The 2-Liter bag utilizes an inner layer designed specifically to block molecular transport of gases, like oxygen, CO2 and methane from permeating through it.  The outer layer seals the bag opening and provides a durable surface for indoor and outdoor use.  The PACK IT OUT sack is the perfect accessory to encourage removing dog waste from the environment while outside, and to keep the environment fresh and clean for you and for those around you.


To encourage environmental and public responsibility
& improve the experience for you and those after you.

Recent Publications Sharing Our Cause

Boise, Idaho - An article by KTVB / on the increasing number of dog poo bags left on the trails around Boise aiming to remind trail user responsibility.

USDA Forest Service - Webpage describes the 7 principles of "Leave No Trace" including Pack it in, Pack it out.  Pack out all trash, left over food, litter, toilet paper and hygiene products.

Denver, Colorado - An article by Denver7 about the rising problem of dog owners not picking up after their pets.  The article references a study published in the journal of Applied Psychology that people only picked up after their dogs around 60% of the time.  This has led to closure of a dog park in Breckenridge due to fecal bacteria contaminating the water.

Boulder, Colorado - A story by Leave No Trace: It is estimated that 70 Tons (80,000 lbs) of waste are left on open space lands in the area - an increase in 10 tons over the past 5 years.

Long Eddy, New York - Another article from Leave No Trace.  The average dog poops about 270 lbs per year.  This poo can contain E. coli, Giardia, worms, pharmaceuticals and billions of fecal coliform bacteria.  In some cities, dog poop is the 3rd or 4th most significant cause of water pollution.

Pacific Coast Trail PCT, California - Discussion on proper techniques for burying human waste and packing out toilet paper and feminine products.

Bend, Oregon - In this article, it was estimated that the average dog creates 150 lbs of poop annually and 40% of Americans admit to not scooping the poop.  The article also discusses the proper methods for disposing of the poo after picking it up.

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