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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Pack it Out Sack actually keep the smell contained?

A. Absolutely! The bag has been quality tested in a variety of environments to ensure that the smell stays locked in. Fans of Wag & Wander know our infamous "car test." Tarik and Kevin tested the first Pack it Out prototype by leaving a bag full of dog waste in Tarik's wife's car for 24 hours (in the summer!). When she didn't notice a smell, they knew they were on to something!


Q. How does the Pack it Out Sack work?

A. The inner layer was designed specifically to block molecular transport of gases, like oxygen, CO2 and methane from permeating through.  The outer layer seals the bag opening and provides a robust external layer for indoor and outdoor use.


Q. How big is the Pack it Out Sack?

A. When flat, the bag is 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall. The bag can hold 2L of waste - this translates to 6-10 bags of dog poop (depending on the size of your dog!) or 4-5 full diapers.

Q. How much does the Pack it Out Sack weigh?

A. The bag weighs just 1.6 oz - a small weight penalty for fresh air! No heavy (and potentially leaky) zippers to weigh you down.

Q. How do I use the Pack it Out Sack?

A. After you put your waste in the bag, press out the excess air, roll the straps down as far as you would like, and then fasten the clip to seal the bag. For best odor prevention, we recommend at least 3 rolls.

Q. How do I clean the Pack it Out Sack?

A. Rinse the inside and outside of the bag with warm water and soap and line dry. Do not use boiling water, bleach, or alcohols as these could damage the interior lining of the bag.


Q. Where is the Pack it Out Sack made?

A.  The bag was designed and tested in USA. The inner layer is made in USA and the outer layer is made in China. The bag is assembled in China.

Q. Is the bag sustainable? How do I dispose of the bag?

A. The outer fabric of this bag is made from recycled polyester and the shipping material can be recycled.  The bag itself cannot be recycled but is manufactured using high-quality and durable materials so it can go the distance (literally and figuratively).

Q. Why is the bag design flexible instead of a rigid container?

A. By using a flexible design, the Pack it Out sack is lightweight and fits in smaller spaces than a hard container. This makes it ideal to stash the sack in everything from backpacking packs to diaper bags!

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