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Bamboo Toothbrush for Pets

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Do I really need to brush my pets' teeth?


Just like in humans, poor oral hygiene causes more than just bad breath for our furbabies. When plaque on teeth isn’t removed regularly, it irritates the gums and can turn into infections. Our pets can suffer from pain, abscesses, gum separation, and bone loss. Bacteria originating in the mouth can travel into the bloodstream and damage the kidneys, heart, lungs and other organs. Brushing your pet's teeth every day is the best way to prevent plaque build-up!

Standard veterinarian recommendation is to brush your pet's teeth every day. Use a pet-friendly, fluoride-free toothpaste with our toothbrush for best results. Consult with your vet for specific information about your pet.

But why bamboo?

One billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States along, creating 50 million pounds of waste annually! Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable material, the world's fastest naturally renewing resource which is also inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Our toothbrushes are made from organic, 100% biodegradable bamboo, making them a sustainable and natural solution for your pet's oral hygiene needs!


  • Eco-friendly: the toothbrush is made from organic, 100% biodegradable bamboo and the bristles are made from BPA-free nylon

  • Long lasting: bamboo is a strong, water-resistant material that ensures the durability of our toothbrushes

  • Safe: BPA-free bamboo toothbrush and soft nylon bristles

The Nitty Gritty

  • 2 toothbrushes per pack

  • Toothbrush length: 5.75"

Brushing Dog's Teeth
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